What creates joy? 

We include events that create space for one or more of these experiences:

  • Connection: It can be scary to start a conversation with a stranger! That's why we love events that include intentional moments of connection. That could look like facilitated conversations, icebreakers to meet your neighbor, or tantric speed dating. (You weren't expecting that, were ya?) 
  • Vulnerability: We believe that, when a group gets a little uncomfortable together, they leave a whole lot closer. That's why The Joy List promotes events that scooch people out of their comfort zone: sexual empowerment workshops, contact improv classes, eye gazing experiences, and more. 
  • Playfulness: We celebrate any opportunity to let loose and get weird! This includes giant morning dance parties, improv in public spaces, and oodles of other wonderfulness. 

Want to submit something yourself? Hell yeah! Let us know about your event here.