Photo via our friends at  The   Confetti Project

Photo via our friends at The Confetti Project

Why start The Joy List? 

"It's hard to make friends in New York."

Our founder, Jillian, used to say that all the time. When she moved to the city two years ago, she was great at meeting new people... but bad at prioritizing deeper connection. She felt like she was constantly in spaces where "surface level" conversations were the norm.

Like a lot of us, Jillian was lonely.

At the time, she had no idea why she felt so unfulfilled. Yet then she discovered Camp Grounded–– a summer camp for adults–– and felt a level of openness and acceptance that she'd never experienced before. When she left, she knew that she wanted to join communities that prioritized meaningful relationships . For Jillian, that meant surrounding herself with people who aligned with her values of play, community, and authenticity. 

That, friend, is why we created The Joy List. It's a resource for people to find events that they can go to by themselves, and leave with a new friend. It's a way to highlight the amazing work that people in this city are doing to spread positivity and connectedness. And it's a weekly gratitude practice for us, to remember that NYC is filled with love–– even though it doesn't feel like that sometimes. 

Been to something recently that made you feel connected? Have a community-building project that you want to promote? Let us know about it

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