Making New Friends


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The Very Ape Podcast

We're so happy that the wonderful Cass Greener and Sean Dunne were the first people to interview Jillian for a podcast! They chatted about body love, what she's learned from running The Joy List, wizard psychedelic rituals, and why so many people have lost the ability to deeply connect.


Six savvy event planners to watch

Haley Hoffman asks Jillian about her top event planning tips for Thrive Global. 



Member spotlight: Jillian Richardson

Next Gen Summit, a conference for young entrepreneurs, chats with Jillian about the reasons why she started The Joy List.

Most of the world’s problems stem from a feeling of disconnection

An interview with mental health advocate, Sinclair Ceasar

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Jen Glantz chats with Jillian about setting boundaries as a leader, tips for attending an event solo, and how to find your people. 

Badass Women: Jillian Richardson, community creator and freelance advocate

A profile for the Nooklyn series, "Badass Women."


10 Events Where New Yorkers Can Make New Friends

Learn about some awesome gatherings in NYC, then use code JOYLIST for $10 off everything from Sleep No More to House of Yes!